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Pin It A brief intro about me! When I was younger, I was a horrible cook. And by horrible I literally mean horrible. I once mixed up the oil and water amounts on a basic box of brownies. I just never followed directions and everything I made tasted like crap. My sister, Ashley was the cook! She is the baker!! You want a cake that looks awesome with homemade frosting and cake-go to her. You want an easy recipe for chicken piccata, well go to me! (although I am sure she kicks butt at that too)

I can spend hours upon hours looking up recipes and figuring what is actually feasible to make and what isn't. I won't go buy an ingredient that I will only use once and will probably cost me $10. I won't go and buy lobster for recipe either. I am a normal girl with a budget for food. I do like those new healthy food stores like Whole Foods or Earth Fare, but honestly I am a Giant Eagle girl. (for those that don't have that its like a Kroger, Circle K, etc)

Now are these recipes straight from my head? Nope. I find them online at various different websites or cookbooks. I modify and use what I have on hand and some things turn out great and some just suck. Hey it happens.

I want your feedback, if you make something and it tastes great, tell me! If you feel that it needed a little something, tell me! Better yet tell me what you think it needs!! If you absolutely hate something, then tell me that too! You don't know, it won't hurt my feelings!

I am from Cleveland, Ohio, so from time to time I may give my opinion on a new restaurant or what not. If you don't live here, never plan to visit, then just skip it! My husband and I love to try new places so think of us as the guinea pigs. Let us know some good places too!

Hope you enjoy!!
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